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Dear frends

when we were young, we thought that scientists should be the conscience of the world. It is in the hope that at least some of this feeling still exists, that I am writing this letter.


Is this the begining of the 21th. century? Why is this being done?

I will not try to give any defense of the Serbs. After seven years of systematic defamation, this is an enormous task. So let us assume that everything you read about Serbs is true. But what makes the situation in Kosovo so different from many other situations all over the world? How many similar or worse stories have you seen in the last week, month or year, well or less well reported? Have you heard anything lately about the human rights of Kurds in Turkey. But Turkey is not being bombed - instead it is bombing, together with its 9 NATO allies, the Yugoslavia.

So, assuming everything you read about Serbs is true, ask yourself what stupendous and unprecedented thing has Yugoslavia done to make NATO countries:
   1. violate NATO charter
   2. violate UN charter
   3. violate OESCE documents
4. violate their own Constitutions?

Or is it about Serbs and Albanians at all? Is it not maybe about


I hope you are aware that as of March 24, 1999 NATO has established its right to bomb whom-ever and when-ever it deems necessary, without any regard for international law or legal systems of its member countries (not to speak abut the laws of other, non-member countries).

Do you know which people formaly made this decision? Did you vote for any one of them, or can you vote them out of the office? Can the people of your country have any influence on them? Think about this. Or hope that NATO will be very prudent in the future and bomb only properly defamed countries which resist the New World Order.

These questions are, I believe, for everyone. The New World Order has shown its real face. How do you like it? How will you like to have your destiny determined by people you cannot vote for (or against)?

After all, Madlena Albright has openly stated that sovereignty of states is a thing of the past. Did anyone notice any public consternation over this remake of Brezhniev's Doctrine of limited sovereignty?

At the end, I would like to make a personal (selfish?) plea. The way this conflict is developing, I am afraid it can end only with the third (and final, this time) genocide of Serbs in this century.

On the one hand, one of the main reasons given for bombing was that NATO had to keep its credibility. As the results of the bombing are less than zero, it will have to keep bombing even more (remember American generals in Vietnam:"if only politicians would allow us to use sufficient force...").

Any reasonable person will say that Serbs have to surrender and accept American demands. Unfortunately, there is almost no chance for this. I will just mention three events from Serbian history, with the Serbian perception of them:
1.The most revered Serbian folk hero is King Lazar. Medieval Serbia had much more prominent, powerfull and successful rulers. King Lazar's claim for fame among Serbs consists in the following: he refused the offer by Turkish Sultan Murat to become his vassal (a sort of "Partnership for Peace") and instead took the complete Serbian army into the battle with far superior Turkish army, in Kosovo field 610 years ago. The result was that almost all Serbian nobleman were killed including King Lazar. Sultan Murat was also killed and Turkish army had to withdraw, but they came back some years later and occupied Serbia for centuries. Still, King Lazar is revered as a saint.
2.In 1914, after the assasination of Austrian archduke in Sarajevo, Austria issued an ultimatum to Serbia. Even though it was clear that Austria was looking just for some excuse, Serbian government accepted all demands but one: that Austrian police investigates the assasination on Serbian teritory. This is considered by Serbs as one of the great moments in their history although as a result Serbia lost one third of its population (over 50% of men fit for military service).

3.On March 25 of 1941,Yugoslav government signed a treaty with Hitler which was more favorable than the "agreement" offered by Clinton administration in February of 1999. For one thing, there was no German troops to be stationed in Yugoslavia. Actually, even the transport of German troops through Yugoslav teritory was forbiden, but this was a secret clause. Considering this to be a treason of WW1 allies, Serbs took to the streets on March 27 and overthrew the government. As a result, Nazis bombed Belgrade on April 6 and invaded the country and Serbs suffered enormous losses then and also in huge resistance movement. Also, hundreds of thousands Serbs were exterminated in Croatia and Bosnia by so called "Independent State of Croatia" and in Kosovo by Greater Albania - states created by the New World Order of the day. Still, Serbs consider March 27 of 1941 one of the greatest moments in their history, and actually to this date there is a dispute between left and right over who contributed more.

So what do you do with such nation? Is it ripe for the Final Solution? Is it not a major obstacle to progres?

The Ministry of Truth is on the verge of proclaiming that only dead Serb is a good Serb (I saw some statements which are just a step away). If you are not ready to believe in this, please try to do something to stop this NATO massacre.

Zoran Markovic

Belgrade, March 27-28

P.S.I have been writting this during air raid warning. A few minutes ago there were several explosions. Yesterday, Yugoslav defense downed several NATO planes, so as a punishment for this aggressive behavior, they decided to keep up the attacks all night, with several short brakes.

As a true Serb, I refuse to go to shelter, because I may be killed but will not be intimidated by these people. This is not all that brave as it may sound, since up to now they bombed only the suburbs and I live in the center. I also want to finish this since, I donnt know if and when they would cut us off from Internet.

Zoran Markovic received his Ph.D. in mathematical logic from University of Pennsylvania in 1979. In 1984/85 he was a visitor at University of California Berkeley (teaching a course in logic). Currently he is the director of the Mathematical Institute in Belgrade. His uncle, Momchilo Markovich, was a US Air Force colonel. He was a Yugoslav pilot in april war (1941), later flew for RAF in Egypt, and then flew 50 missions over Nazi Germany for USAF. When he was burried in Belgrade, his coffin was draped with US and Yugoslav flags. (He is probably turning in his grave now)