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4th International Conference "Non-linear World"




Since the formation of the humanity as a biological species, culture has taken upon itself the functions of evolution. Although the human being itself has not changed significantly in all these millennia, the humanity is evolving so fast that it is not able to keep up with itself anymore.

We regard culture as a one and indivisible unity, as a single mighty flow, all branches of which (science, technology, art) are complementary. Separation and contradistinction of these branches is our age-old obstacle on the path towards cognition of the world and of ourselves.

Nowadays we begin to realise the inherent non-linearity of the natural phenomena as well as of psyche, non-closure of the world around us and inside us, non-equilibrium states as the typical ones for each living system. Currently it may safely be said that we are going through the global change of the paradigm, re-establishing our relations with the world around us and with each other, beginning to regard the moral values as the essence of culture and the only chance for survival and development.

Let's stop for a moment at the edge of the new millennium and look around. What are we? Why, what for and where are we wending our way?

The theme of the conference originated from the well-known words of Ludwig Wittgenstein's: "The limits of my language are the limits of my world". Language is a cultural symbol, an instrument of profession and nation, an image, term, metaphor, a main and necessary condition for communication and mutual understanding; it is also our uniquely human way of separation from the rest of the world and our harmony with it, our only chance of preserving culture (and therefore ourselves) in time, and of sharing it with our descendants. We will attempt to widen the boundaries of our language, which does not at all mean Babel of sounds but the complementary synthesis.

Search for a common language is not a simple task. That is why every noticeable progress serves to broaden our horizons, making us even more interesting for ourselves.