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MathArt 2003
First Biennale
of Mathematical Art
Sicevo, Yugoslavia
1-6 June, 2003

The aim of the Biennale is to provide a forum and bring together scientists and artists from all over the world who are committed to creating art that is based on the

MathArt Manifesto

MathArt is a product of the creative art process, based on or aided by a scheme, algorithm or construction that has a mathematical meaning, explanation and description.

Work of MathArt should have a strong rational plan or structure and a high aesthetic value at the same time. It may be based upon mathematical, physical, chemical, biological or other scientific or technological models. By the rule, it involves computers, artificial intelligence systems or other tools that are characterized by a specific logical and methodical organization.

The official language of the Biennale will be English.

There is no registration fee for the participation in Biennale and all its events. 
MathArt 2003 Prize