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The CD ROM is designed to run on both Mac and Windows. The principal software used is Metacard, but the animations require Quicktime 4.1.2, an installer for which is provided on this CD ROM under license to Apple Computers. The installer will need to contact the Apple Quicktime site in the course of installation to download the extra QTVR software needed, unless you have the full version already installed. The Apple license for Quicktime is for free download to an individual computer.

The system requirements are governed by those for Quicktime 4.1.2, namely:

Windows System Requirements Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT & Windows 2000, Intel Pentium or compatible processor.

Requirements also include; 16 MB of RAM, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card and speakers. DirectX version 3.0 or later is recommended.

Macintosh System Requirements PowerPC CPU or later running Mac OS version 7.5.5 or higher, and with Open Transport version 1.2 or higher. In addition, the computer must have at least 16 MB of RAM.

SCREEN RESOLUTION The minimum screen resolution for this software is 800 x 600.

IMPORTANT Install the full version rather than the minimal version of Quicktime 4.1.2. There is plenty to look at even if your system precludes you from using Quicktime 4.1.2.


Last updated Jan 30, 2001


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