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Robinson, Coxeter, and the beauty of mathematics

In 1995 H. S. M. Coxeter, the doyen of geometers, was elected as a Honorary Member of ISIS-Symmetry. Since he was not able to attend our Washington Congress, we visited him shortly before this event, together with Tohru Ogawa. When we entered into his office at the University of Toronto, I immediately observed on his table a model of John Robinson's sculpture "Intuition". Coxeter was very much excited with this work, which inspired him to write a paper "Symmetrical combinations of three or four hollow triangles", Mathematical Intelligencer, 16 (1994), No. 3, 25-30; "Postscript", 17 (1995), No. 1, 4. He gave us a reprint of this paper and we were able to "visualize" another triangle shaped by Robinson, Coxeter, and the beauty of mathematics.

Dénes Nagy


The original material of J.Robinson is used with the kind permition of the author.