State University of Moldova

Supreme Council for Science and 
Technological Development
of the Republic of Moldova

First Announcement

International Seminar on Discrete Geometry, 
dedicated to the 75th birthday of Professor A. M. Zamorzaev
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, August 28-29, 2002 

The seminar will be held  at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Moldova State University under the financial support of the  Supreme Council on Science and Technological Development of Republic of Moldova (the grant Nr. 01.057C) 

       Programme Committee:

Academician M. Choban   (Republic of Moldova),
Academician R. Miron      (Romania),
Academician P. Soltan      (Republic of Moldova), 
Professor V.A.Koptsik      (Russia), 
Professor V.S.Makarov     (Russia), 
Professor S. Jablan           (Yugoslavia),
Professor A. Lungu          (Republic of Moldova),
Professor A. Palistrant      (Republic of Moldova),
Professor F. Dragan         (SUA),
Professor A. Brandstaedt  (Germany).

      Organizing Committee:

Chairman                    Professor  A. Lungu
vice-chairman              Professor A. Palistrant
responsible secretary    Senior lecturer F. Damian 
committee members:    Doctor  E. Zamorzaeva
                                  Professor Ch. Prisacaru 
                                  Professor N. P. Dolbilin (Russia) 
                                  Professor H.-J. Voss  (Germany) 
                                  Professor V. Chepoi (France)

      The program of the seminar will include plenary reports of the invited scientists and  short communications. The work of two sections is planned:      

1) Discrete geometry and mathematical crystallography,
2) Combinatorial and computer geometry.  Graph theory.

Those wishing to take part in the seminar should submit the registration form  and detailed abstract (2-4 pages) before June 25, 2002 by e-mail to the address:
Address of the Organizing Committee:

Department of  Algebra and Geometry, 
Organizing Committee of the International Seminar,
State University of Moldova,
A. Mateevici str. 60, 
MD-2009   Chisinau,  Republic of Moldova.

Contact telephone:    (373-2)577632  (in working time)
E-mail:     or
Fax:     (373-2)577627.

        Instructions  for theses: 

The full volume of theses should not exceed 4 pages of the format A4. The text should be prepared in LATEX-2e, 12 pt. The text must contain: 
1) in the first line - classification index MSC 2000, 
2) in the second line - title of the communication (with capitals), 
3) in the third line - name and first name of the author, in parentheses - country and e-mail address, 4) beginning from the fourth line - an abstract in English, 7-10 lines. 

Working languages of  the seminar are: Romanian, Russian and English.
Expenses for accommodation and meals are covered by participants.
We are looking forward to see you at the seminar.

Yours sincerely, 
Alexandru Lungu, 
Chairman of Organizing Committee

* * * * * * *

International Seminar on Discrete Geometry 
dedicated to the 75th birthday of Professor A. M. Zamorzaev
Chisinau, August 28-29, 2002 

Registration form 

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Lungu Alexandru P