The first congratulation letter we received from Nat Friedman, the president of ISAMA (The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture), only three hours after "Visual Mathematics" appeared on the Web:

Subject: Visual Math
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 15:17:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Nat Friedman
To: jablans@mi.sanu.ac.yu
Dear Slavik,
Congratulations on Visual Mathematics-it looks great. I will send you some papers. Looking forward to seeing you in Spain.
All the best, Nat

After that we received them from Kim Williams, the Editor of the Nexus Network Journal, Gyorgy Darvas, the Secretary of ISIS-Symmetry, Jozef Przytycki, Tsion Avital, Ron Eglash, Eliana Maria Guedes, Michael Leyton, Mihaly Szoboszlai, Robert Dewar, Ray Tennant, Vera W. de Spinadel, John Robinson, Dirk Hoylebrouck ... and they are still comming.


After my first Editors' Preface published at March 24, 1999, six hours before the NATO aggression to Yugoslavia, I received more than 40 messages of solidarity from ISIS-Symmetry members and other coleagues.


The upper VM logo is created by John Langdon, the author of the "Wordplay", MATHEMATICS ambigram and many other symmetrical ambigrams.