Visual Mathematics (VM) is the electronic quarterly of the ISIS-Symmetry (International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry), published by the Mathematical Institute, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

It is an additional forum that supplement the printed journal Symmetry: Art and Science, The Quarterly of ISIS-Symmetry (1990-). Some of the papers are published in both forms: as electronic version (Visual Mathematics) and printed version (Symmetry: Art and Science), with minor modifications. The both are reviewed journals by Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt für Mathematik, and some other journals.

The Editors of VISUAL MATHEMATICS are Slavik Jablan and Denes Nagy, the President of ISIS-Symmetry, the Editorial Board is the same as for the journal Symmetry: Art and Science, and all the papers will be refereed. We are very glad to invite you to submit your paper.

The paper could be prepared as a Web presentation in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), with the color illustrations in JPG or GIF format. The maximal width of GIF or JPG illustrations is 650 pix. For JPG please use the best resolution (max. 16 mil. of colors), and for GIF-files 300 dpi. Please send all files as a ZIP-attachment (or some other compressed file, e.g. ARJ) to the address:

or put them in some accesible directory of your server and send us the info.

If your are not completely familiar with HTML, please send the MSWord or TeX (LATeX) text file and separately JPG or GIF illustrations, or text-file (in ASCII) and JPG or GIF illustrations, or (as the last possibility) just printed text and color illustrations or photoses by classical mail to the address:

Slavik Jablan
Mathematical Institute
Knez Mihailova 35, P.O.Box 367
YU-11001 Belgrade
Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Because the title of the journal is VISUAL MATHEMATICS please try to present the visual component of your work in the best way. The design and visual identity of the paper completely depends on you, giving you a chance to express your creativity. So, we hope that the Internet-readers will enjoy your work.

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