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First Biennale of Mathematical Art
MathArt 2003


The exhibition MathArt will take place in the city galleries of Nis during the Biennale, where submitted works of art will be displayed that have been created according to the principles of the MathArt Manifesto.

The site   Both the Bienale and the workshop  will take place in the building of the Arts Colony Sicevo, a small mountain village near Nis (Yugoslavia). Founded in 1905, it was the first arts colony in the Balkans. The Colony provides accommodation for 13 participants in its own building and about 50 participants in private rooms in houses of hospitable local hosts. In the building of the Art Colony, there are also an art studio, conference rooms, a restaurant and facilities for social activities.

Getting there   Belgrade Airport is connected to most of the major European airports. Also, trains connect Belgrade and Nis with all major European cities. The bus network in Serbia is extensive, so that there are bus departures from Belgrade to Nis every hour. Sicevo is situated 20 km east of Nis, close to the route to Sofia. It is located on the slopes of the magnificent Sicevo Gorge. It is the place of vineyards and breathtaking views, famous for its wines and brandy production.