(Aims and Scope):
Visually and Mathematically

Visual Mathematics (VM), similar to the goals of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (ISIS-Symmetry), is a forum for the dialogue between artists and scientist. On the other hand, it has a more specific focus than the printed journal Symmetry: Art and Science, The Quarterly of ISIS-Symmetry (1990-).

VM publishes original works in the following sense:
- mathematical research papers with new results and some attractive illustrations,
- artistic papers with new pieces of visual information and some mathematical links,
- mathematical-educational papers with new methods or approaches,
- mathematical-historic papers with new facts or new interpretations,
- survey papers with new approaches.

The main goal of VM is the show the BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS in a broad artistic-scientific context. As a secondary aim, VM tries to correct the negative tendency that led to the unpopularity of mathematics in school and the lack of public understanding of this field.

Although we do not expect that all papers will be fully readable for all sides, but we suggest including such visual information that help to build more bridges among disciplines.

Let us have a dialogue .... visually and mathematically!

Dénes Nagy (Tsukuba Science City, Japan)
Slavik Jablan (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

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The original (only textual) "symmetry" ambigram was created for ISIS-Symmetry by Douglas Hofstadter, and all the other similar ambigrams occurring in the journal are inspired by this original ambigram.